The Canyons Professional Ski Patrol Association

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The Canyons Professional Ski Patrol Association

Welcome to the new and improved Canyons Ski Patrol Union Website. We are a group of ski patrollers who stand together to protect the rights and freedoms that all professionals deserve. This Site is maintained and was created by our union members and is not directly affiliated with Canyons Resort. If you have any questions about why we stand together or why we formed a union you can check our story (Click here). If you have remaining questions or would like to contact someone in our union for more information, you may send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In our line of work we believe that educating people about proper skiing etiquette, and avalanche knowledge is crucial to running a safe mountain and helping people avoid the need to be rescued. We have many avenues to educating the public about these things. We hold an Annual Avalanche awareness clinic that is FREE to the public. We also have links to the current avalanche conditions on this site. We ask that all skiers and boarders know and understand the skiers responsibility code.




Union Members

What you see up front is viewable to all public. More information will be available to Union members once you register. For registration click here. Once you are a registered user, log in to find a Union specific message board, and a union only photo gallery. Once logged in there will also be an executive board contact list, and a list of committee chair members. Contact info will be available to members for each registered member. If you are interested in becoming an Author and recieving rights to create articles for the site contact the site administrator.



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